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Copra Coconut

Copra Coconut is what is left of the actual one when it is burned slightly and all the moisture is taken out of the white core. Chopra is the dried form of the coconut meat or the white flesh. If you are looking for dry coconut copra or even natural one, Kora Exports & Imports based in Beawar Rajasthan, established in 2020, would be the best option.

Your trust and faith in us as manufacturer and supplier of agro-based products, watercolour paintings, matters and therefore we always strive to provide the best service at competitive rates. We offer you Copra coconut of the highest quality and ensure you have no disappointment or regrets. We are engaged in the production of various agro-based products as well as water painting and colour paint too. All these are manufactured in our facility using state of the art equipment and finest material. Our highly experienced team of professional help you get your quote based on product requirement.

Get Quality Supply of Copra Coconut For Best End Product

Copra coconut is further processed providing oil and many other benefits. If you are looking for bulk purchase for sell or industry usage to obtain quality coconut oil with cold press, we are your best shot. It could be used for the manufacturing of coconut butter which has a high moisturizing content. Used in shampoos, soap, body, it is widely used in the cosmetic industry as well. Virgin coconut oil is extracted from the copra coconut meal which is a part of the South Indian diet a lot. The leftover copra meal also plays a great role in becoming quality fodder for the cow.

Your search for copra coconut supplier India ends with our highly reputable services which have ranked us at top of the market even though we are a young enterprise. Our competitive prices without compromising on quality are what helps us to maintain our client consistency and trust.


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