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Black Pepper Seeds

Black pepper seeds serve different health purposes. Known as the King of the spices, one of the most crucial benefits it helps with is weight loss. Black pepper seeds in powdered form have become a stable whether cooking meat, vegetarian dish or just trying to elevate the taste.

If you are looking for organic, hybrid pepper seeds, we at Kora Exports and Imports provide you with different age-based products and colour painting, established in 2020. Trust us to deliver you with quality produces at competitive rates as we are a reliable manufacturer and supplier.

Why Black Pepper is a Favourite of Health Enthusiast?

  • Prevents cancer when you mix it with turmeric. Presence of antioxidants, Vitamin A and carotenoids that help in curing cancer.

  • By adding pepper to your daily food, avoid constipation and regulate food digestion.

  • Helps in treating skin pigmentation. Wrinkles and other skin problems are solved or get better with regular

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are added to almost all the delicacies in India no matter what region it belongs to. The flavours of it have been described as earthy, nutty, aromatic, spicy and warm. Kora Exports & Imports provide you with the best services in terms of delivery and quality agro-based products. We have black, brown, dried and premium quality cumin seeds. You could contact our officials and they would get back to you with a quote depending on your order specifications.

We are a young manufacturer and supplier established in 2020 believing that company depends on customers. Our success is only possible when we know we have delivered the best to you.

Trust Us For Faster Delivery

If you want faster delivery without compromising on quality, trust us. We can handle any situation believing in providing individual attention to all our customers. Our state of the art facility packs the material most finely and hygienically.

We give you no chance to complain. Our products have a huge demand in the market from agro-based to colour

Wheat Seeds

All over the world, wheat is one of the most consumed cereal grains. They not only come as bread and white wheat flour but there are other types as well including serum, spelt, Khorasan wheat and a lot more.

We at Kora Exports & Imports, sincere manufacturer and supplier provide you with quality wheat that is of the premium grade directly brought from our quality source and reaching you in a safe manner and packaging. Wheat seeds have been a part of the human diet for a long time. People who can tolerate wheat and are not allergic to gluten, it is full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fibre.

Why Include Wheat As a Part of Dietary Regulation

  • Wheat is rich in insoluble fibre. It is therefore good for gut health and helps in a clearer bowel movement. The prebiotics helps in feeding the beneficial bacteria in the guts.

  • It helps with the prevention of colon cancer because it is rich in high fibre and the presence of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Shelled Groundnuts

Peanuts are also known as groundnuts and a variety of other names. Peanut could be made into oil and flour. If you are looking for consistent supply of quality groundnut shell, then we at Kora Exports & Imports are a leading name in terms of quality supply of fresh or dried groundnuts, agro-based products, paintings and established in 2020. From raw, hybrid shelled groundnuts we have them all. Give us a call a and receive your quotation as per the requirements.

Peanut is healthy and filled with proteins, fat and various other healthy nutrients. Groundnut is often consumed as peanut butter or roasted peanut. Though a young production, manufacturer and supplier enterprise, we are based in Beawar, Rajasthan relying on the trust if our clientele.

Many customers have applauded us for the quality agro-based products that we have delivered to them. We choose the right sources knowing your faith and trust is what will keep us going. Our state of the art infrastructure and warehouse package everything consistently and in a hygienic way.


Copra Coconut

Copra Coconut is what is left of the actual one when it is burned slightly and all the moisture is taken out of the white core. Chopra is the dried form of the coconut meat or the white flesh. If you are looking for dry coconut copra or even natural one, Kora Exports & Imports based in Beawar Rajasthan, established in 2020, would be the best option.

Your trust and faith in us as manufacturer and supplier of agro-based products, watercolour paintings, matters and therefore we always strive to provide the best service at competitive rates. We offer you Copra coconut of the highest quality and ensure you have no disappointment or regrets. We are engaged in the production of various agro-based products as well as water painting and colour paint too. All these are manufactured in our facility using state of the art equipment and finest material. Our highly experienced team of professional help you get your quote based on product requirement.

Get Quality Supply of Copra Coconut For Best End Product

Copra coconut is further processed

Watercolor Paintings

Watercolour painting is known to being vibrancy wherever they are hung or kept. They are variations of watercolour you would find. Kora Exports & Imports provided you with an exceptional range of watercolours from decorative, acrylic, modern as well as abstract painting. We offer you some excellent concoction of colours and divine art which could be supplied to you in bulk. We also supply agree based products from cumin seeds, groundnuts, black pepper and raw cotton, established in 2020.

The painters keep every detail in mind and the variations would help you to cater to a variation of customers just like we would with clients. Buy in bulk and get them at a highly competitive price than what you would find in the industry.

Buy Quality Painting With Prompt Delivery

Watercolour is also known by the name of aquarelle. The painting is done with the colour pigments which are soluble in water and then stroke on paper with the help of painting brush. Not just agro-based products, we also deliver you with other products like water

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